New observations on diet of the South American two-striped forest-pitviper Bothrops bilineatus smaragdinus (Hoge, 1966)

Pablo Javier Venegas Ibañez, Juan Carlos Chávez-Arribasplata, Eduardo Almora García, Pablo Grilli, Vilma Duran Centeno


The arboreal, nocturnal and widely distributed snake Bothrops bilineatus smaragdinus has a registered diet that consists in frogs, lizards, birds and rodents; items that were, with some exceptions, rarely identified to species level. In this work we report three new items for its diet consisting in an adult frog Dendropsophus marmoratus (Anura, Hylidae), an adult lizard Thecadactylus solimoensis (Reptilia, Phyllodactylidae) and an adult bat Carollia brevicauda (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) which is the first record of predation on Chiroptera by this species.

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