Predation on Iguana iguana (Squamata: Iguanidae) by Boa constrictor (Squamata: Boidae) in a fluvial island in the Amazonas river, Brazil, including a list of saurophagy events with Boa constrictor as predator

Patrick Ribeiro Sanches, Cecile de Souza Gama, Fillipe Pedroso dos Santos, Carlos Eduardo Costa-Campos


Predation events known as saurophagy occurs when lizards are involved as prey. Whether by cannibalism or saurophagy such events has been well documented in the last years. This paper report a predation event on Iguana iguana by B. constrictor recorded in a fluvial island in the Amazonas River, Brazil. Also, provides a list of saurophagy events involving Boa constrictor as predator. During a field trip we found an individual of B. constrictor in the process of ingesting a common green iguana (I. iguana), swallowing the headfirst on an upland forest. We found a total of eight lizards as prey of B. constrictor, belonging to three families: Iguanidae, Teiidae e Tropiduridae.

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