A new species of the Liolaemus elongatus group (Iguania: Liolaemidae) from Neuquén Province, Argentina, with comments on its genitalia morphology

Maria Soledad Ruiz, Angel Matias Quipildor, Ana Lucia Bulacios Arroyo, Pablo Chafrat, Cristian Simon Abdala


The genus Liolaemus includes small and medium size lizards distributed in South America. It is the second-most diverse iguanian group in the world. The genus is divided in two subgenera, and many taxonomic subgroups have been proposed within these. Here, we describe a new species of Liolaemus, of the L. elongatus group. The new taxon is distributed in the vicinity of L. burmeisteri, L. crandalli, L. gununakuna, L. punmahuida and L. tregenzai, but it can be distinguished from them and from all other species of the group by a combination of lepidosis and morphometrical character states. The morphological evidence shows strong support that the population under study corresponds to a new taxon. With the description of the new species, the number of members of the L. elongatus group rises to twenty-two, but many populations still correspond to undescribed species.

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