Nuevas citas de Squamata (Gekkonidae, Phyllodactylidae y Dipsadidae) para la provincia de Tucumán, Argentina.

Gustavo J. Scrocchi, Juan Carlos Stazzonelli, Paula Cabrera


Two non native, and invasive, lizards and two snakes are cited from Tucuman province. One of the lizards (Tarentola mauritanica, Phyllodactylidae) was previously known in the province, while the other (Hemidactylus mabouia, Gekkonidae) is mentioned for the first time, based on the collecting data, probably both are resident and breed in the province. We also cite a snake (Tomodon orestes, Dipsadidae) for the first time and confirm the presence of another (Phalotris punctatus, Dipsadidae) previously considered doubtful.


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