Multiple mating and oviposition behavior of Proceratophrys goyana (Anura: Odontophrynidae) in the Brazilian Cerrado

Gabriela Carvalho, Afonso Santiago de Oliveira Meneses, Pedro Paulo de Queiroz, Reuber Albuquerque Brandão


Polyandry occurs when a female mate, sequentially or simultaneously, with more than onemale. Even though this reproductive strategy has been widely studied for some taxa, reports onamphibians are still scarce. Herein, we report amplexus, egg-laying, aggregative behavior and acase of multiple mating in the frog Proceratophrys goyana. Coupling occurs outside water andfemales, that are noticeably larger than males, move to streams where eggs are released at thestream bottom. Multiple mating was observed in a large chorus context, but males’ aggregationsseem to be uncommon in the species. Multiple spawning in Neotropical frogs occurs in severallineages and it seems to be related to the behavioral context.

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