Cytogenetic analysis of Rhinella jimi (Stevaux, 2002) (Anura, Bufonidae) from northeastern Brazil

Marcelo João da Silva, Maria Rita dos Santos Cândido, Flávia Manoela Gãlvao Cipriano, Ana Paula De Araújo Vieira, Tamaris Gimenez Pinheiro, Edson Lourenço da Silva


In this work we analyzed the karyotype of Rhinella jimi (Stevaux, 2002) (Anura, Bufonidae)from Picos (Piauí) in Northeastern Brazil. The chromosomes were examined using classicalcytogenetic approaches (Giemsa, C-banding, and Ag-NOR staining). This species has 2n = 22chromosomes, all metacentric or submetacentric. Heterochromatic segments were visualized atthe centromeric region and the nucleolus organizer regions (NOR) were restricted to terminalregions of the short arms in pair 7. There was no evidence of heteromorphic sex chromosomes.The chromosomal analysis of R. jimi allowed us to identify a karyotype that is similar to manyother species of Rhinella, in which the diploid number remains unchanged and without evidencesof structural rearrangements.

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