Diet of four lizards from an urban forest in an area of Amazonian biome, Eastern Amazon

Vinícius A. M. B. de Figueiredo, Naziel S. Souza, Jessica S. C. Anaissi, Patrick R. Sanches, Carlos E. Costa-Campos


This study described the diet and niche overlap of four lizards from an urban fragment inAmapá state. The samplings were performed through pitfall traps and active visual search. Inthe stomach analysis, Formicidae and Coleoptera represented 50.79% of the total items. Thehighest niche overlap value was between Gonatodes humeralis and Tropidurus hispidus, whichwas not expected due to habitat use. The foraging strategies of all lizards observed have beenpreviously mentioned by several authors. Several studies cite the diet of lizards being basicallycomposed of invertebrates, with few variations, as also demonstrated in this study.

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