A new record of Phyllodactylus sentosus (Dixon & Huey, 1970) (Squamata: Phyllodactylidae) for coastal desert of Peru

José Pérez Z., César Ramírez, Katya Balta


The critically endangered gekkonid Phyllodactylus sentosus distribution is restricted to the city of Lima, with few (five) and small populations. The species has a low reproductive rate and a reduced ability to move. These biological characteristics, coupled with the high negative impact on human activities in the city of Lima as a result of the great destruction of their characteristic habitats greatly reduce the chances of survival of P. sentosus. Hence, P. sentosus is the only coastal reptile identified as “Critically Endangered” on the current Red List of Peruvian Wildlife from the National Institute of Natural Resources of Ministry of Agriculture INRENA. This new record for Lima city extends 4.5 km to north-east (straigth line) the distribution of P. sentosus. This record is added to a previous one, in the same location in February 2007, where there was a single juvenile individual. These two records confirm the presence of this species in the area.

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