Defensive behaviors in two Proceratophrys species (Anura: Odontophrynidae) from central Brazilian Cerrado

Afonso Santiago Oliveira Meneses, Bruno Alessandro Augusto Peña Corrêa


Anurans present a wide array of defensive displays, which are presented in different phases of predation. There are several records of defensive behaviors for the Proceratophrys genus, most of them in the Atlantic Forest species. Besides, few is known about such displays in Cerrado species. Herein, we report new defensive behaviors for Proceratophrys goyana and for P. vielliardi. Both species presented crypsis and body inflation. Besides the stiff-legged and contraction behaviors presented in Atlantic Forest species, the only records of other displays were in the Proceratophrys cristiceps group. Natural history aspects of this genus are poorly known, and our records increase the knowledge on the defensive behaviors in the Proceratophrys genus.

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