Report of reproduction in Ameiva cf. jacuba Giugliano, Nogueira, Valdujo, Collevatti & Colli, 2013 (Squamata: Teiidae) in Brazilian Cerrado

Bruno Tayar Marinho do Nascimento, Guilherme Marson Moya, Fábio Maffei


Ameiva jacuba was described from specimens collected in the Emas National Park, Goiás State, Brazil.  On 20 September 2012, we collected a female Ameiva cf. jacuba in the Santa Bárbara Ecological Station (22°47'10.95"S 49°14'41.93"W, elevation 620m), municipality of Águas de Santa Bárbara, state of São Paulo, southeastern Brazil.The female measured 102mm snout-vent length (SVL), 280mm total length, and weighed 29 g (with eggs). Three elliptical shelled eggs weighing 2.5 g each (22.75 mm x 13.6 mm, 23.75 mm x 13.15 mm, 24mm x 13.6mm) were removed. The weight of the female without eggs was 21.5 g.

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