Calcium content on apple fruit influences the severity of Penicillium expansum

VM Guerrero-Prieto, DI Berlanga-Reyes, JL Jacobo-Cuellar, C Guigón-Lopez, DL Ojeda-Barrios, GD Ávila-Quezada, A Núñez-Barrios, OA Hernández-Rodríguez


Calcium content and damage severity of Penicilliumexpansum because of its high concentration on “Red Delicious” postharvestapples were evaluated during the 2012-2013 winter in Cuauhtemoc,Chih. Mexico. Fruit weight, diameter, total soluble solids,pulp firmness and starch index were also determined. Penicilliumexpansum was inoculated into two wounds of eight mm diameterand 10 mm depth, on a total of 20 apple fruits per treatment. Theinoculum was 0.2 mL of a suspension containing 1×108 conidia/mL.After inoculation, apple fruit was stored at 0 °C and 90% relativehumidity during five weeks. Treatments were: apple fruit with high(2.28 mg/100 g fresh weight) and low (2.16 mg/100 g fresh weight)calcium content, with and without P. expansum, and a control whichwas inoculated with sterile water. The greater the fruit Ca content,the lower the severity of the fruit area affected by P. expansum (i.e., 27cm2 affected with high Ca content vs. 34 cm2 with low Ca content).

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