Antimicrobial evaluation of extracts obtained from tropical micromycetes against phytopathogens

P Moreno Pérez, Marcela Gamboa-Angulo, G Heredia, B Canto Canché, CM Rodríguez García, IL Medina Baizabal, L Peraza Echeverría


Nowadays, it is highly necessary to find more and saferagrochemicals. In this sense, micromycetes are an important source ofnatural products which could be used to control plant diseases. Thereforewith the aims to contribute in this searching of natural productswith antimicrobial applications, a total of 49 fungal strains were isolatedfrom the Yucatan Peninsula. These fungi were cultured in fermentedrice, their respective organic extracts macerated in ethyl acetate (EAE)and methanol (ME) were obtained and tested against five fungalpathogens of agricultural importance. These included Alternaria chrysanthemi,Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, Mycosphaerella fijiensis, and thebacteria Erwinia carotovora and Xanthomonas campestris using microdilutionassays. The 69% of fungal extracts showed antifungal or antibacterial(2000 and 200 μg/mL, respectively) against at least one of thetested target. Strains Penicillium sp. OSE-61, Fusarium sp. OH2-30,Hypocrea lixii OSN-37 and Rhizoctonia solani OSE-73 showed activityagainst at least three of the five study pathogens. The most active EAEwere partitioned, and its low (A), medium (B) polarity and precipitated(C) were obtained and assessed. The fraction A from Fusarium KS-15displayed the lowest Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC ≤25μg/mL) and bactericide effect on X. campestris; fraction B of Penicilliumsp. OSE-61 was relatively greater than the previous on A. chrysanthemi(MIC ≤500 μg/mL). Last fraction also exhibited good inhibitory effecton C. gloeosporioides. Finally, fraction B of H. lixii OSN-37 displayedpromissory antifungal effect on C. gloeosporioides y M. fijiensis (MIC =1000 μg/mL). This research contributes to enrich the limited knowledgeon the biological activity of native anamorphic fungi of the sinkholesof Yucatan and its potential use in biotechnological applicationsin agriculture.

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