Effect of humic acids from Leonardite on the stability of soil aggregates and melon roots under greenhouse conditions

JL Gutiérrez C, G González C, MA Segura C, I Sánchez C, JA Orozco V, M Fortis H


Leonardite is an oxidized form of lignite carbon, which is obtained from fossilized organic materials. Such materials are used for the extraction of humic acids (HA). The result of the addition of HA of organic origin on soil structure is known; however, the effects of adding HA of Leonardite on soil structure have been scarcelyinvestigated. The objectives of this research were (1) to determinethe influence of humic acids derived from Leonardite in increasing the aggregate stability of an Aridisol under greenhouse conditions, and (2) evaluate the morphology of the root xylem during the phenological development of melon plants (Cucumis melo L.). Three treatments of HA solution application to the soil were used: soil without solution application (HA0), and application of HA solutionto the soil with pH 6 (HA6) or (HA7). Aggregate stability (As) and bulk density (Da) were evaluated as soil variables. Development and quantification of xylem area were studied on plants. There were significant differences in aggregate stability. Also, there was an increase in the root xylem area, and the best treatment was when AH7 solution was applied. Humic acids derived from Leonardite increased the stability of soil aggregates when plants grew under greenhouse conditions, and fostered the development of xylem conduits during the fruiting stage.

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