Vol 85 (2016)

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Bamigboye, Samuel Oloruntoba; Tshisikhawe, PM; Taylor, PJ

Review of extinction risk in African Cycads . Pp. 333-336

Biological control

Pacheco-Aguirre, J; Ruiz-Sanchez, Esau; Reyes-Ramírez, A; Cristóbal-Alejo, J; Tun-Suárez, J; Borges-Gómez, L

Polymer-based encapsulation of Bacillus subtilis and its effect on Meloidogyne incognita in tomato . Pp. 1-6

Moreno Pérez, P; Gamboa-Angulo, Marcela; Heredia, G; Canto Canché, B; Rodríguez García, CM; Medina Baizabal, IL; Peraza Echeverría, L

Antimicrobial evaluation of extracts obtained from tropical micromycetes against phytopathogens . Pp. 7-14

Crop production and management

Ron, María de las Mercedes; Loewy, T

Use of diammonium phosphate on wheat grown in southwestern Buenos Aires (Argentina) . Pp. 15-20

Valadez Sánchez, YM; Olivares Sáenz, E; Vázquez Alvarado, RE; Esparza-Rivera, JR; Preciado-Rangel, P; Valdez-Cepeda, RD; García-Hernandez, JL

Quality and capsaicinoid concentration on genotypes of Serrano pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) produced under organic fertilization . Pp. 21-26

Li, XL; Wang, YC; Busso, CA; Xiang, JS; Zhang, AM; Qu, YW; Liu, Y

Effects of various continuous cropping times on soil nematode structure in cotton fields of Xinjiang, China . Pp. 27-35

Molina-Anzures, MF; Chavez-Servia, Jose Luis; Gil-Muñoz, A; López, PA; Hernández-Romero, E; Ortiz-Torres, E

Productive efficiencies in corn, bean and squash (Cucurbita pepo L.) associations, intercropped with rows of fruit trees . Pp. 36-50

Environmental pollution

Espósito, ME; Blanco, MdelC; Sequeira, ME; Paoloni, JD; Fernández, SN; Amiotti, NM; Díaz, SL

Natural pollution (As, F) and eutrofication (N, P) in the basin of El Divisorio stream, Argentina . Pp. 51-62

Food production

Santana Legorreta, Sergio; Villanueva-Carvajal, Adriana; Morales Rosales, Edgar Jesús; Laguna Cerda, Antonio; Dominguez-Lopez, Aurelio

Evaluation of inulin extracted from Mexican wild dahlias (Dahlia coccinea Cav.) . Pp. 63-70


González B, ML; Salazar Sosa, E; M Fortis, H; P Preciado, R; MA Segura, C; JL García, H; JR Esparza, R

Phytochemical quality of tomato Saladette produced with organic substrates under greenhouse conditions . Pp. 71-78

Plant biochemistry

Ma, YQ; Wang, Xin; Gao, SH; Zhang, J

Optimized enzyme-assisted microwave extraction and potential inhibitory action against α-glucosidase of polysaccharides from sweet corncobs . Pp. 79-86

Plant biotechnology

Li, Rong-shuo; Tao, Ying-jie; Liu, Feng-juan; Hu, Xin; Xu, Quan-le; Li, Ke-you

In vitro plant regeneration via indirect organogenesis from different explants of Lathyrus sativus L. and Lathyrus cicera L. . Pp. 87-93

Plant ecology

Gul, Shamim

Aboveground biomass and concentration of nutrient contents of semiarid rangeland plant species: Influence of grazing and soil moisture . Pp. 94-99

Yang, G; Zhang, Z; Zhang, G; Zhang, H; Han, X; Busso, CA

Nitrogen deposition influences the response of Potentilla tanacetifolia to phosphorus addition . Pp. 100-107

Giaccio, Gustavo Carlos María; Laterra, P; Aparicio, VC; Costa, JL

Glyphosate retention in grassland riparian areas is reduced by the invasion of exotic trees . Pp. 108-116

Orozco Vidal, JA; E Galindo, P; MA Segura, C; M Fortis, H; P Preciado, R; P Yescas, C; JA Montemayor, T

Dynamic growth of squash (Cucurbita pepo L.) on a substrate based on vermicompost in the greenhouse . Pp. 117-124

Zhou, Chan; Busso, C; Liu, J; Yang, YG; Sun, Y; Fang, YZ; Zhang, QQ; Zhou, YB; Wang, YN; Zhang, Z; Wang, ZW; Yang, YF

Total aboveground plant biomass is more strongly affected by climate than species diversity on a grassland in Liaoning, China . Pp. 125-130

López España, Ricardo Guillermo; Hernández Verdugo, Sergio; Parra Terraza, Saúl; Porras Orta, Flor De María; Pacheco Olvera, Antonio; Valdez Ortiz, Angel; Osuna Enciso, Tomás; Muy Rangel, María Dolores

Geographical differentiation of wild pepper (Capsicum annuum L. var. glabriusculum) populations from northwestern Mexico . Pp. 131-141

Lu, J; ZHANG, Shuoxin; Fang, JP; Zheng, WL

Nutrient characteristics of throughfall and stemflow in the natural forest of Pinus densata in the Tibetan plateau . Pp. 142-148

Qin, YY; Feng, Qi; Holden, NM; Cao, JJ

Changes in soil organic carbon in the upper Heihe river basin, China . Pp. 149-154

Plant ecophysiology

Wang, QL; Liu, DH; Yue, JY

The uptake of cadmium by Allium cepa var. agrogarum L. and its effects on chromosome and nucleolar behavior in root tip cells . Pp. 155-161

Liu, M; Liang, Z-W; Huang, L-H; Wang, M-M; Yang, H-Y

An effective method for estimation of rice (Oryza sativa L.) crown root numbers at the heading stage in saline-sodic soils of Northeast China . Pp. 162-168

Plant genetics

Olvera-Mendoza, EI; Lara-Cabrera, SI; Sáenz-Romero, C; Lindig-Cisneros, R

AFLP polymorphism in restored provenances of Ceiba aesculifolia within an urban heat island . Pp. 169-175

Valera-Montero, LL; Muñoz-Rodríguez, PJ; Silos-Espino, H; Flores-Benítez, S

Genetic diversity of guava (Psidium guajava L.) from Central Mexico revealed by morphological and RAPD markers . Pp. 176-183

Ruiz Salazar, Regulo; Muruaga-Martínez, JS; Vargas-Vázquez, MLP; Alejandre-Iturbide, G; Castañón-Nájera, G; Hernández-Delgado, S; Almaraz-Abarca, N; Mayek-Pérez, N

SCAR molecular markers to identify disease resistance sources in ayocote beans (Phaseolus coccineus) . Pp. 184-193

Rodríguez Pérez, G; Zavala García, F; Gutiérrez Diez, A; Treviño Ramírez, JE; Ojeda Zacarías, MC; Mendoza Elos, M

Selection strategies of full-sib families in two landraces corn populations . Pp. 194-202

Plant improvement

Salinas Jiménez, V; Raya Pérez, JC; Aguirre Mancilla, CL; Chablé Moreno, F; Ramírez Pimentel, JG; García Rodríguez, G; Covarrubias Prieto, J

Early testing of S1 lines of maize . Pp. 203-209

Plant microbiology

Vital-López, L; Cruz-Hernández, MA; Fernández-Dávila, S; Mendoza-Herrera, A

Bacterial diversity in the rhizosphere of a transgenic versus a conventional maize (Zea mays) . Pp. 210-217

Cardoso, PF; Scarpassa, JA; Pretto-Giordano, LG; Otaguiri, ES; Yamada-Ogatta, SF; Nakazato, G; Perugini, MRE; Moreira, IC; Vilas-BÔas, GT

Antibacterial activity of avocado extracts (Persea americana Mill.) against Streptococcus agalactiae . Pp. 218-224

Mendez Trujillo, Vianey; Valdez-Salas, Benjamin; Gonzalez Mendoza, Daniel; Carrillo-Beltrán, Monica

Bacteria with capacities of production of biosurfactants isolated from native plants of Baja California, México . Pp. 225-230

Plant pathology

Sevik, MA

Turnip mosaic virus infecting kale plants in Ordu, Turkey . Pp. 231-235

Chacón-Hernández, J; Cerna-Chávez, E; Ochoa-Fuentes, Y; Hernández-Juárez, A; Palacios-Bazaldúa, L; Landeros-Flores, J

Spatial distribution and population !uctuation of Tetranychus urticae (Koch) and Phytoseiulus persimilis (Athias-Henriot) in rose crops . Pp. 236-245

Moshrefi Zarandi, D; Aminaee, MM; Rezaee, S; Sharzei, A

First report of lemon verbena crown rot caused by Phytophthora cactorum in Iran . Pp. 246-248

Ávila-Rodríguez, V; Vacio-Fraga, CA; Nava-Camberos, U; Márquez-Hernández, C; García de la Peña, C; Olalde-Portugal, V; García-Hernández, JL

Identification, population dynamics and parasitism of aphids in pecan in the Comarca Lagunera, Mexico . Pp. 249-255

Cerna-Chávez, E; Martínez-Martínez, Y; Landeros-Flores, J; Aguirre-Uribe, L; Sánchez-Valdes, V; Cepeda-Siller, M; Hernández-Bautista, O; Ochoa-Fuentes, YM

Variation in susceptibility to insecticides in Bemisia tabaci biotype B fed on different hosts . Pp. 256-261

Plant physiology

Hassan, AMA; Mostafa, EM

Selenium invoked antioxidant defense system in Azolla caroliniana plant . Pp. 262-269

Wang, QL; Liu, DH; Yue, JY

Physiological responses of Allium cepa var. agrogarum L. plants to Cadmium stress . Pp. 270-282

Huang, YC; Chen, H; Zhao, WJ; Li, W; Yang, NH; Sun, Y; Wang, L; Cao, SH

Silicon-mediated alleviation of Cadmium toxicity on Thujopsis dolabrata . Pp. 283-290

Plant taxonomy, anatomy and morphology

Hernández, Luis Francisco; Rosetti, MF

Is the abaxial palisade parenchyma in phyllaries of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) capitulum a missing trait in modern genotypes? . Pp. 291-296

LIU, Xuelian; LI, Jianhua; ZHU, Junyi; YANG, Yunfei

Floral differentiation and growth rhythm of rhizome buds of the spring ephemeroid plant Adonis amurensis Regel et Radde . Pp. 297-304

Rangeland management

Wei, TX; Liu, YH

The cover-management factor (C) on woodlands of the hilly areas of the Loess Plateau in North China . Pp. 305-313

Restoration ecology

Masini, Ana Carla; Rovere, Adriana Edit; Pirk, Gabriela Inés

Germination of Gutierrezia solbrigii and Senecio subulatus, endemic Asteraceae from Argentina . Pp. 314-323

Flores Meza, Sofía; Promis, Alvaro; Faúndez, Luis

Floristic and structural characterization of the southernmost natural population of Jubaea chilensis (Molina) Baill. in Chile . Pp. 324-332

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