Participation of Argentina in the European Registry of Heart Failure

Enrique Fairman, Mirta Diez, Alberto A. Fernández, María L. Talavera, Eduardo Perna, Stella M. Pereiro, María P. Maturano, María C. Huerta, César Belziti


Background: Heart failure is a globally expanding disease and the available therapeutic tools are still insufficient. Objectives: The aim of this study was to know the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of patients with diagnosis of heart failure in the Argentine Republic, as well as the treatments implemented and their prognosis, both in outpatients and hospitalized patients due to disease recurrence. Methods: An observational, prospective, multicenter study of outpatients with chronic heart failure and hospitalized patients admitted due to decompensated heart failure was performed in the Argentine Republic from August 2012 to March 2013, in order to participate in the long-term Heart Failure Registry organized by the European Society of Cardiology. To facilitate recruitment, the study design contemplated inclusion only one day per week. Patients were followed up for one year. Results: A total of 492 patients were included: 122 with decompensated heart failure and 370 with chronic heart failure. In both groups, women accounted for 30%. Compared with outpatients, hospitalized patients were older [72.5 years (IQR 64-80) vs. 63 years (IQR 54-71); p <0.0001] and with a higher risk clinical profile. Atrial fibrillation and preserved ejection fraction were more frequent in hospitalized patients. Median hospitalization time was 5 days and in-hospital mortality was 2.5%. At one year follow-up, 20.8% of patients recruited at hospital admission and 10.3% of outpatients died. The rate of readmission for decompensated heart failure was 45.6% and that of hospitalization for chronic heart failure was 28%.

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