Characteristics of Adults Older Than 75 Years in the ARGEN-IAM-ST Registry

Yanina Beatriz Castillo Costa, Alberto Caccavo, Adrián A. Charask, Karina Moreno, Cecilia Cassano, Juan A. Gagliardi


Background: Older adults represent a growing population in clinical practice.Objectives: The aim of this study was to learn the clinical characteristics and outcome of older adults hospitalized with myocardialinfarction in Argentina.Methods: Patients included in the ARGEN-IAM-ST registry were analyzed depending on whether they were older or youngerthan 75 years of age.Results: Among the 1,714 patients included in the registry, 233 (13.6%) were aged 75 years or older. These patients hadgreater prevalence of female sex and hypertension and lower incidence of smoking habits, while the prevalence of diabetes,dyslipidemia, anterior myocardial infarction and time from onset of symptoms was similar. They were less likely to receivereperfusion therapy and progression to heart failure (31% vs. 14%; p <0.01), reinfarction (3.9 vs. 1.4%; p=0.009), minorbleeding (7.7% vs. 3.2%; p <0.002) and mortality (21.5% vs. 6.7%, p <0.001) were more common.Conclusions: Older adults with myocardial infarction have a more unfavorable outcome and mortality is three times greaterthan that of patients <75 years.


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