Cardiac Arrest within the First 24 Hours after Hospital Admission in ST-segment Elevation Acute Coronary Syndromes. The ARGEN-IAM-ST Registry

Yanina Castillo Costa, Alessis Rafaelli, Víctor Mauro, Adrián Charask, Carlos Tajer, Juan Gagliardi


hospital mortality.Objectives: The aim of this study was to describe the prevalence, clinical characteristics, and in-hospital outcome of patientsfrom the ARGEN-IAM-ST registry with CA within the first 24 hours after hospital admission.Results: The prevalence of CA within the first 24 hours was 7.8% (136/1,754 patients). These patients were older (median age63 vs. 61 years, p<0.001) and had higher prevalence of cardiogenic shock (42.6% vs., 3%, p<0.01) and of in-hospital mortality(66% vs. 4%, p<0.001). Overall mortality of the registry was 8.8% (154/1754) and 58% occurred in patients with CA withinthe first 24 hours after admission.Conclusions: Cardiac arrest within 24 hours in patients with ST- segment elevation acute coronary syndrome is a serious eventrepresenting 60% of in-hospital mortality.


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