2010-2017 Evaluation and Accreditation of Cardiology Residencies

Mirta Lobianco, Amanda Galli, Sandra Swieskowski, Lucía Kazelian, Marisa Pages, Susana Lapresa, Graciela Gimeno, Ernesto Duronto, Rubén Kevorkian, Hugo Grancelli


Background: The National Ministry of Health and Social Development implements a National System of Accreditation ofHealth Team Residencies. The Argentine Society of Cardiology (SAC) participates as an evaluation entity of the medicalresidency programs in cardiology.Objective: The purpose of this study is to present the results of the evaluation process and accreditation of cardiology residencies.Methods: This was a documentary review of the reports submitted by the peer reviewers appointed by SAC and the opinionsof the Ministry of Health in the Official Gazette between 2010 and 2017.Results: Thirty-seven reports prepared by peer reviewers were analyzed and strengths and weaknesses were identified. Outstandingstrength: continuous supervision received by residents. Weakness: time spent on outpatient care. Twenty-eight Ministryof Health opinions were reviewed and the most frequent recommendations were analyzed: incorporation of transversalcontents; regulation of number of on-call duties, their duration and the organization of the rest period after on-call shifts.Conclusions: Although both institutions seem initially to have different criteria when accrediting a health service trainingprogram, in reality, they have complementary views which coincide in the following aspects: importance of supervision; needto systematize the evaluation of residents’ performance; and need to increase the number of scientific works with residentparticipation. A high degree of coincidence was also obtained between SAC’s suggestion and the opinion of the Ministry ofHealth, in relation to the category and years of accreditation that each evaluated program deserved.


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El Registro de Evaluadores puede consultarse en la página web del Ministerio de Salud de la Nación. Está disponible en http://www.msal.gov.ar/residencias/c1b.php.

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Marco de Referencia para la Formación en Residencias Médicas Especialidad Cardiología. Aprobado por RM 1001/2016 Disponible en http://www.msal.gob.ar/residencias/index.php/la-acreditacion/documentos-marco-de-referencia-de-especialidades

Cigalini I, Igolnikof D, García Zamora S, Fallabrino L, Colombo Viña N, Tissera G, y cols. Estado actual de las residencias de cardiología: resultados de la 5ª Encuesta Nacional de Residentes (ENARE V). Rev Argent Cardiol 2017;85:415-27.

Galli A, Brissón ME, Soler C, Lapresa S, Alves de Lima A. Evaluación del ambiente educacional en residencias de cardiología. Rev Argent Cardiol 2014;82:396-401.

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