Mistreatment in Medical Training: Situation in Cardiology Residences

Amanda Galli, Graciela Gimeno, Mirta D. Lobianco, Sandra Swieskowski, Hugo Grancelli, Lucía Kazelian, Susana Lapresa, Marisa Pages, Ernesto Duronto


Background: Mistreatment is defined as the behavior that makes another person feel hurt, undervalued or incompetent. A certainlevel of intimidation and humiliation during training was considered necessary to prepare the doctor for a difficult profession. Theconditions in which medical residencies and professional practice are developed today generate a high prevalence of burnout.Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the perception that Cardiology residents have on the mistreatment received andif they acknowledge having incurred in any aggravating behavior.Methods: A survey was conducted in residents attending the Biannual Cardiology Course of the Argentine Society of Cardiology.Results: A total of 183 residents responded the survey and all of them (100%) reported some type of mistreatment. Being humiliatedfor making a mistake and shouted at were the most frequently mentioned forms of mistreatment from a senior resident, a patientor their relatives. Almost half of the residents (46%) said they had been mistreated by the nursing staff. while 33.5% acknowledgedhaving incurred in aggravating situations directed against another resident, a staff doctor and/or another specialty physician.Discussion: The results are similar to other studies already published. For the safety of patients and the health of physicians, it isrecommended to include strategies for coping with stress and it is considered essential to promote cultural changes within academicand care institutions aimed at creating more democratic and healthier working environments.


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