Contributions of Exercise Stress Testing in the Octogenarian Population

Ignacio Dávolos, Claudia Bucay, Verónica Jaritos, María Elena Arioni, María Mercedes Ortíz, Ricardo Perez de la Hoz


Objectives: Due to the increase in life expectancy and quality of life, the population of octogenarians increased considerably.In Argentina, medical information concerning this group of patients is scarce.Methods: Descriptive and comparative cross-sectional study. Comparisons were made between an octogenarian and nonoctogenarianpopulation, comprised of older adults between 60 and 79 years. Cardiovascular risk factors, pharmacologicaltreatment, the reasons for completion/referral, findings and criteria for stopping ergometric tests were evaluated.Results: 161 octogenarian patients were included (mean age 82, 98 years). 94% of the patients presented some cardiovascularrisk factor. The most frequent reason for referral was in the context of physical fitness or health control. We have observedexpected differences between both populations. The octogenarian patients were receiving more pharmacological treatment.There were no relevant findings or complications during the study.Conclusion: In the octogenarian population, ergometric test is a valuable tool given the information it provides and the absenceof complications. Probably, the subjectivity in the evaluation of dyspnea motivates the request for ergometric tests.


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