Quality of Care for Acute Myocardial Infarction in Argentina. Observations from the SCAR (Acute Coronary Syndromes in Argentina) Registry

Horacio E. Fernández, Jorge A. Bilbao, Hernán Cohen Arazi, María L. Ayerdi, Juan L. Telayna, Ernesto A. Duronto, Ricardo Villarreal, Patricia Blanco, Claudio Higa


Introduction: Quality assessments help to quantify the gap between healthcare provision and what should be awarded. Thereare specific measurements on quality of medical care for myocardial infarction which standardize the quality informationthat every institution should determine for self-assessment and for comparison with others.Objective: The aim of this study was to analyze quality of care for myocardial infarction data in our country using the SCAR(Acute Coronary Syndromes in Argentina) Multicenter Registry.Methods: Quality of care data for myocardial infarction was analyzed in patients included in the database of the SCAR MulticenterRegistry using definitions of the “ACC/AHA 2008 performance measures for adults with ST-elevation and non-STelevationmyocardial infarction” document.Results: The study analyzed 751 myocardial infarction cases with complete data on quality indicators. Aspirin, betablockers,statins and angiotensin antagonists were used in nearly 90% of patients. The exception was clopidogrel which was used in72.5% of patients not receiving mechanical reperfusion. Ventricular function was assessed during hospitalization in 90.2% ofcases. A reperfusion strategy was used in 90.1% of ST-segment-elevation infarctions and less than 12-hour evolution. Doorto-balloon time was < 90 minutes in 50.8% of cases, while door-to-needle time was < 40.5%.Conclusions: Overall, there was high compliance to pharmacological and reperfusion treatments except in the use of clopidogrelwithout mechanical revascularization, and low compliance to the appropriate times of reperfusion therapy.

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