Chief Complaints, Procedures, Outcomes and Discharge Treatment Plan of 54000 Patients

Juan Alberto Gagliardi, Maximiliano De Abreu, Javier Mariani, Mario Alejandro Silberstein, Daniel Mario De Sagastizabal, Simón Salzberg, Hernán Claudio Doval, Carlos Daniel Tajer



Epi-Cardio is a multicenter registry of the discharge summaries of cardiovascular care units in Argentina, focused on evaluating clinical epidemiology.


To identify chief complaints, treatment strategies, procedures and outcomes using the discharge summaries of Coronary Care Units created with the Epi-Cardio software.


The registry included 54,055 patients admitted to 54 cardiovascular care units which use the Epi-Cardio software as a medical care tool to create discharge summaries and generate a rigorous registry of the activity.


Mean age was 64.9 years, and 63.9% were men. The most common chief complaints included acute coronary syndromes in 24.9%, heart failure in 11.7% and elective cardiac catheterization procedures in 10.5%. General mortality was of 2.62% (1,417 patients).

Patients with non-ST segment elevation acute coronary syndrome underwent coronary angiography in 51.8% of cases and 26.3% underwent percutaneous coronary intervention. Discharge treatment plan included aspirin in 93.8% of cases, beta-blockers in 82.5%, statins in 85.2% and clopidogrel in 59.8%. Mortality was of 1.61%.

In patients with ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndrome, a reperfusion strategy was indicated in 64.7%. Treatment at discharge included aspirin in 98.4%, beta-blockers in 86.9%, statins in 93.2% and enalapril in 69.6%. Mortality was of 5.4%.


Epi-Cardio has generated the largest prospective and permanent registry in Latin America, including more than 50,000 consecutive patients. This software has allowed describing the current outcomes of multiple conditions during hospitalization and the clinical practices applied in a wide network. With a simple tool as a discharge summary integrated to medical and administrative practice, the registry should be considered as a valuable strategy to improve clinical practice in cardiovascular care units.

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