“Better Work, Working Better.” Are Professional-Related Problems Discussed at the Argentine Congress of Cardiology? Are Physicians Concerned with this Problem?

Adriana Salazar, Carlos Boissonnet, Mónica Galli, César Cáceres Monie, Eduardo Alvarez, Marcelo Boscaro, Ana Río, Ester Balog



The big changes produced during the last two decades have

produced a reality that requires physicians to reconsider the

role they play in their new working scenario. These changes

include regulations in health care working, work styles,

health organization, use and importance of technology and

how the physician is socially considered. The causes are

complex and multifactorial, yet they share common elements

as worse payment to physicians, an absolute and relative

reduction in professional fees and physicians’ perception

about their own profession.


A “medical problem” is defined as any problematic experience

or situation felt by a physician during his/her practice.

In the last years, there are plenty of information and several

opinions about this matter, in reference to the working conditions

of physicians and to their negative self-perception

about medical practice. The goal of the present study was to

explore if the Argentine Congress of Cardiology dealt with

the medical problem.

Material and Methods

Observational and descriptive study about open-topic sessions

and roundtable sessions dealing with the medical problem

–and under which field the medical problem was considered–

during the past/latest three Argentine Congresses of

Cardiology. The following key words were used: working reality,

medical practice, burnout, bioethics, ethics and working

conditions, among others.


Of 2254 open topics presented in the three years, 8 (0.35%)

dealt with the medical problem. The open topics were considered

under “miscellany”, psychosocial, medical education

or public health fields. Thirteen roundtable sessions were

identified and organized by the Committee on Bioethics, the

Research Area of the Argentine Society of Cardiology, the

CONAREC and the Argentine Cardiology Foundation.


We found very few roundtable sessions and opened-topic

sessions –and without an adequate preestablished conceptual

framework– focused on the medical problem. Thus, the

medical problem is not considered an important topic of

study. Discussion and investigation are convenient to search

for arguments and solutions at multiple levels, otherwise it

will not be possible to make a diagnosis and treatment of the

topic, with the eventual and important future implications.

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