Vol 88, No 1 (2020)

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Editorial board´s letter

Editor, Comité

2020 RAC Editorial Committee . Pp. 1-1




Evangelista, Arturo

“Having Mate” with the Normal Values of the Thoracic Aorta . Pp. 2-3


Santos, Raul

Cholesterol is Inadequately Treated in Diabetic Patients from Buenos Aires: Independently from the Formula We Use Numbers Do Not Match . Pp. 4-5


Lerman, Jorge

2019 Dr. Pedro Cossio Foundation Award . Pp. 6-8


Original Articles

Polero, Luis; Garmendia, Cristian M.; Echegoyen, Raúl E.; Alves de Lima, Alberto; Bertón, Felipe; Lambardi, Florencia; Ariznavarreta, Paula; Campos, Roberto; Costabel, Juan Pablo

A Machine Learning Algorithm for Risk Prediction of Acute Coronary Syndrome . Pp. 9-13

Constantin, Iván; Benger, Juan; Asch, Federico; Carrero, Celeste; Makhoul, Silvia; Baratta, Sergio; Bagnatti, Rodrigo; Cintora, Federico

Normal Values of Thoracic Aorta Dimensions by Echocardiography. The MATEAR (Measurement of Thoracic Aorta by Echocardiography in Argentina) Registry . Pp. 14-25

Lee, Hyun Jin; Álvarez Primo, María; Allo, Miguel A.; Cantú, Silvana M.; Donoso, Adriana S.; Peredo, Horacio A.; Choi, Marcelo R.; Puyó, Ana M.

Losartan and Metformin Prevent Abnormalities in Perivascular Adipose Tissue and in Mesenteric Vascular Bed Prostanoid Release Induced by High-fat High-fructose Diet in Rats . Pp. 26-33

Candiello, Alfonsina; Cohen, Fernando; Lasave, Leandro; Villagra, Lorena; Mulinaris, Guillermo; Zoni, César Rodrigo; García Escudero, Alejandro; Kevorkian, Rubén; Cigalini, Ignacio; Zangroniz, Pedro

Impact of an Evaluation System of Times to Reperfusion in ST-segment Elevation Acute Myocardial Infarction . Pp. 34-40

Masson Juárez, Walter; Huerin, Melína; Lobo, Martín; Masson, Gerardo; Websmaster, Dona; Fernández, Natalia; Micali, Gabriel; Nemec, Mariano; Romero, Cinthia; Molinero, Graciela

Lipid Goals in Diabetic Patients. Clinical Implications after Application of a New Formula for LDL-cholesterol Calculation . Pp. 41-47

Galli, Amanda; Gimeno, Graciela; Lobianco, Mirta D.; Swieskowski, Sandra; Grancelli, Hugo; Kazelian, Lucía; Lapresa, Susana; Pages, Marisa; Duronto, Ernesto

Mistreatment in Medical Training: Situation in Cardiology Residences . Pp. 48-54

Paez, Olga; Puleio, Pablo; Visser, Miguel; Mazzeo, Silvina; Antelo, Leandro; Alderete, Juan; Kevorkian, Rubén; Majul, Claudio

Preeclampsia is Preceded by Cardiovascular Function Abnormalities . Pp. 55-60

Brief Communications

David, Michel; Álvarez Gallesio, José M.; Novo, Fedor; Higa, Claudio; Borracci, Raúl A.

Long-Term Survival of Multivessel Coronary Surgery Bypass Grafting up to 20 Years of Follow-Up . Pp. 61-66

Images in Cardiology

Di Tommaso, Fernando; Fitz Maurice, Mario; Spagnuolo, Damián

Usefulness of Ventricular Extrasystole to Infer Unidirectional Cavotricuspid Isthmus Block after Atrial Flutter Ablation . Pp. 67-68



Scientific letters

Agarzúa, Mario

Cardiac auscultation in the pneumopericardium . Pp. 69-70


Albarez, Regina Estela; Benassi, Marcelo D.; Gili, Mónica; López, Marisa; Albizu, Jorge

Survey of Pregnant Women with Serological Diagnosis of Chagas Disease and its Association with Neonates



Review Articles

Mauro, Víctor

Antithrombotic Treatment in Acute Coronary Syndrome and Atrial Fibrillation . Pp. 72-75

Opinion Articles

Grinfeld, Diego; Lamelas, Pablo; Damonte, Anibal; Henquin, Ruth; Izcovich, Ariel; Kevorkian, Rubén; Cherro, Alejandro

Analysis of the National Board of Health Technology Assessment Report on Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation . Pp. 80-82

Featured publications

Thierer, Jorge




Featured publications in Basic Sciences

Buchholz, Bruno

Factor Xa inhibition prevents adverse myocardial remodeling by pressure overload. A new therapeutic strategy? . Pp. 92-92



SAC President´s Letter

Navarro Estrada, José Luis

SAC President’s 2020 Opening Speech . Pp. 93-95



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