Vol 81, No 3 (2013)

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Trainini, Jorge

“Tribute to Innocence” Gustavo Charif




Reina Toral, Antonio

Role of Registries and Observational Studies in the Continuous Quality Improvement of Health Care. . Pp. 214-215

Sartorio, Carmem; da Rosa Araújo, Alex Sander; Belló-Klein, Adriane

Protection of Thioredoxin-1 Against Myocardial Ischemia and Reperfusion … Is Not the Same as With Wines! . Pp. 216-218



Original Articles

Pérez, Virginia; D´annunzio, Verónica; Labonia, Clara; Rey Deutsch, Ana; Gelpi, Ricardo J.

Thioredoxin-1 Reduces Infarct Size But Does Not Improve Postischemic Ventricular Dysfunction . Pp. 219-224

Sánchez, Eladio; Cid-Cumplido, Manuela; Moreno-Millán, Emilio; Tarhini, Ibrahim S; Khan, Ijaz; Pineda, Tomás; González, José-Ramón

Previous Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Does Not Increase In-Hospital Mortality After Surgical Revascularization: Analysis of 63420 Cases . Pp. 225-232

Mariani, Javier; De Abreu, Maximiliano; Tajer, Carlos

Time to and Use of Reperfusion Therapy in a Health Care Network . Pp. 233-239

Gagliardi, Juan; Szarfer, Jorge; Travetto, Carolina; Garcia Escudero, Alejandro; Gigena, Gerardo; Rodriguez, Andrea; Alonso, Analia; Blanco, Rodrigo; Blanco, Federico; Sarmiento, Ricardo Aquiles; Riccitelli, Miguel Angel

Clinical Predictors of No-Reflow in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Acute Myocardial Infarction . Pp. 240-245

de Andrade, Gustavo Maltez; Borges Dos Reis, Francisco

Etiology influence in mortality on Heart Failure with Preserved Systolic Function on a high prevalence Chagas heart disease population. . Pp. 246-250

Castillo Costa, yanina Beatriz; Santa María, Hector Raul; Mauro, Víctor Miguel; Blanco Cerdeira, Patricia; Thierer, Jorge; Higa, Claudio

Argentine Registry of Venous Thromboembolism . Pp. 251-257


Bettinotti, Marcelo; Piombo, Alfredo

All Patients Treated with Thrombolytic Agents Should Undergo a Pharmacoinvasive Strategy in the First 24 Hours . Pp. 258-263



Images in Cardiology

Beigelman, Ricardo Luis; Alvarez Sarmiento, Paola G; Agostino, Silvia Viviana

Carotid Body Tumor. Images of Two Cases, One With External Carotid Artery Compression . Pp. 264-264

Brief Reports

Jurado Román, Alfonso; Jimenez Jaimez, Juan; Gonzalez Mansilla, Ana; De Dios Perez, Santiago; Marín Asenjo, Roberto; Arribas Ynsaurriaga, Fernando

Rate-Dependent Bundle Branch Block: Not Only Phase 3 Exists . Pp. 265-267

Dorantes Sánchez, Margarita; Vázquez Cruz, Alfredo; Castro Hevia, Jesús; Méndez Rosabal, Annerys

Transient J Wave after Resuscitation from Ventricular Fibrillation . Pp. 268-271

Book reviews

Esper, Ricardo

Cardiomyopathies. From Basic Research Clinical Management . Pp. 272-272


Doval, Hernán C.

Raúl Oliveri . Pp. 273-275



Letters from our readers


Anomalous Origin of Coronary Arteries from a Common Arterial Trunk in the Right Sinus of Valsalva . Pp. 276-276


Aortopulmonary Fistula . Pp. 277-278

SAC President´s Letter

Belardi, Jorge

What is going on in SAC . Pp. 279-279



RAC Director´s Letter

Doval, Hernán

Introduction to the New Worldwide Food System. Do We Choose Food or Does Food Choose Us? . Pp. 280-288



Featured publications in Basic Sciences

Thierer, Jorge

Clinical Cardiologist Viewpoint . Pp. 289-293



Patient Information

Tajer, Carlos; Charask, Adrián

Acute Myocardial Infarction: When to Suspect It and What to do? . Pp. 294-294

Videos in Cardiology

Swieszkowski, Sandra

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation . Pp. WEB

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