Vol 82, No 1 (2014)

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Chachques, Juan Carlos

Aortic Valve Replacement in Elderly Patients: Need of Multidiscinary Complementary Procedures . Pp. 1-2


Lerman, Jorge

2013 Pedro Cossio Foundation Award . Pp. 3-4



Original Articles

Carosella, Victorio C; Mastantuono, Christian; Golovonevsky, Valeria; Cohen, Valeria; Grancelli, Hugo; Rodríguez, Walter; Nojek, Carlos; Cárdenas, César

Prospective and Multicentric Validation of the ArgenSCORE in Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery. Comparison with the EuroSCORE I and the EuroSCORE II . Pp. 5-11

Pipkin, Mariano; Ochoa, Juan P.; Andrés, Sol M.; Verón, Facundo L.; Stampone, Gustavo; Blanco, Gustavo; Raffaelli, Héctor; Dulbecco, Eduardo; Abud, José; Favaloro, Roberto R.

Aortic Valve Replacement in Octogenarian Patients. Perioperative Results and Mid-term Follow-up . Pp. 12-18

Abud, Atilio Marcelo; Carlessi, Adrián; Goyeneche, Raúl; Strada, Bruno; Arceluz, Martín; Fernández, Agutín; Vicario, Santiago; Amín, Ainelen; Becker, Carlos

Retrospective Analysis of Patients with Brugada Syndrome and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator . Pp. 19-23

Lobo, Lorenzo Martín; Escobar Calderón, José Gustavo; Masson, Walter; Huerin, Melina; Manente, Diego Guillermo; Ángel, Adriana Alejandra; Pángaro, Oscar Mario; Vitagliano, Laura Elena; Rostan, María Graciela; Mulassi, Andrés; Giorgi, Mariano

Exercise in Argentine Physicians: Survey on Physical Activity Habits and Attitudes . Pp. 24-31

Masson, Walter; Lobo, Martín; Manente, Diego; Vitagliano, Laura; Rostán, María; Siniawski, Daniel; Huerin, Melina; Giorgi, Mariano

Response to Statins in Cardiovascular Prevention: Hypo-Responders´ Evaluation . Pp. 32-39

Videos in Cardiology

Fernández, Germán; Maid, Gustavo

Cardioversión Eléctrica

Special Article

Villamil, Alejandro María; Torres, Yenifers; Perona, Carlos Adrián; Mariani, Javier A.; Tajer, Carlos Daniel; Piccinini, José María; García, Raúl

Fast Tilt Test, a New Paradigm in the Management of Reflex Syncope . Pp. 40-47

Images in Cardiology

Lombardero, Martín; Nojek, Carlos

Mitral Cleft is not a Mystery of 3D Echocardiography . Pp. 48-48



Book reviews

Lerman, Jorge

TC y RM cardiovascular. Fundamentos clínicos . Pp. 49-49



Brief Reports

Angelani, Pablo Antonio; Miano, Jorge; Mrad, Jorge

Endovascular Treatment of Bilateral, Spontaneous, Symptomatic, Carotid Dissection Refractory to Medical Therapy . Pp. 50-52

Lipszyc, Federico; Marquevich, Victoria; Pratesi, Pablo; Bonorino, José; Fernández, Horacio; Bilbao, Jorge; Hita, Alejandro

Therapeutic Hypothermia in Patients Presenting with Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest Secondary to Ventricular Fibrillation . Pp. 52-54

Letters from our readers


Obstructive Prosthetic Valve Thrombosis During Pregnancy . Pp. 54-55



The Value of Stress Testing After InvasiveTeatments . Pp. 56-57



Brugada-Type Electrocardiographic Pattern Unmasked by Fever... and Something Else . Pp. 57-58



Dual Antipleatelet Therapy . Pp. 58-59



SAC President´s Letter

Tajer, Carlos Daniel

Speech at the 2013 SAC Academic Ceremony . Pp. 60-63



RAC Director´s Letter

Doval, Hernán C.

Use of Illegal Drugs and Alcohol: How to Detect Them and Initiate Treatment? . Pp. 64-72



Featured publications in Basic Sciences

Thierer, Jorge

Clinical Cardiologist Viewpoint . Pp. 73-76


Donato, Martín

Pharmacologic Modulation of Parasympathetic Activity in Heart Failure . Pp. 77-77



Patient Information

Barisani, José Luis; Charask, Adrián

Heart Failure II: How is it Trated? (Pharmacological and Electromechanical Treatment) . Pp. 78-78



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