Vol 82, No 6 (2014)

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Trainini, Jorge C.

To my parents . Pp. 473a-473a




Santos-Gallego, Carlos G.; Badimon, Juan J.

Can We Stratify Cardiovascular Risk in Argentina? . Pp. 473-475


Pomar, José L

Bicuspid Aortic Valve Repair: Is There Finally a Light at the End of the Tunnel? . Pp. 476-477


Morell, Victor O.

Nikaidoh or Rastelli? . Pp. 478-479



Original Articles

Masson, Walter; Lobo, Martín; Huerín, Melina; Molinero, Graciela; Manente, Diego; Pángaro, Mario; Vitagliano, Laura; Zylbersztejn, Horacio

Use of Different Scores for Cardiovascular Risk Stratification in Primary Prevention and Their Implications in Statin Indication . Pp. 480-486

Camporrotondo, Mariano; Espinoza, Juan; Costabel, Juan Pablo; Vrancic, Mariano; Piccinini, Fernando; Camou, Juan; Bonazzi, Solange; Lupiañez, Bernardo; Benzadon, Mariano; Navia, Daniel

Short- and Long-term Risk of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery in Acute Coronary Syndrome . Pp. 487-492

Villalba, Claudia N.; Mouratian, Mariela; Lafuente, María Victoria; Irman, Julieta; Saad, Ariel K.; Barretta, Jorge; García Delucis, Pablo; Pibernus, José L.; Sciegata, Alberto; Capelli, Horacio

The Modified Nikaidoh Procedure: Initial Experience and Short and Mid-term Outcomes . Pp. 493-499

Hirschson Prado, Alfredo; Higa, Claudio; Merlo, Pablo; Domine, Enrique; Blanco, Patricia; Vázquez, Gastón A.; Cohen Arazi, Hernán; Benzadón, Mariano

Prognostic Value of the Leuko-glycemic Index in Acute Myocardial Infarction. Results from the SCAR Multicenter Registry . Pp. 500-505

Porras, Carlos; Heimann, Dierk; Aicher, Diana; Such, Miguel; Robledo-Carmona, Juan; Carrero, Javier; Arque, José María; Schäefers, Hans-Joachim

Long-term Results with Reconstructive Surgery of the Bicuspid Aortic Valve . Pp. 506-511

Crudo, Norma; Gagliardi, Juan; Castellano, José Luis; Piombo, Alfredo; Riccitelli, Miguel

The Analysis of the Corrected QT-Interval Increases Exercise Stress Test Capability to Detect Significant Coronary Artery Disease . Pp. 512-518

Corradi, Lucas Roberto; Pérez, Gonzálo; Costabel, Juan P.; González, Nicolás; Da Rosa, Walter; Altamirano, Marcela; Colque, Roberto

XVIII CONAREC Registry on Decompensated Heart Failure in Argentina . Pp. 519-528

Brief Communications

Borracci, Raúl Alfredo; Rubio, Miguel; Poveda Camargo, Ricardo L; Baldo (h), Julio; Archer, Marcela; Ingino, Carlos

Aortic Root Enlargement of Small Annulus Using the Nicks Technique during Aortic Valve Replacement . Pp. 529-532

Images in Cardiology

Antezana Chavez, Edgar; Di Toro, Dario; Labadet, Carlos

Subacute Radiation Dermatitis Secondary to Cardiac Resynchronization Device Implantation . Pp. 533-533



Scientific letters

Levin, Ricardo; Degrange, Marcela; Porcile, Rafael; Balaguer, Jorge; Byrne, John

Conservative Approach to HeartMate II Thrombosis . Pp. 534-535


Ferreira, Luis Mariano; La Mura, Ricardo Antonio; Escordamaglia, Sergio Alejandro; Bleise, Carlos; Lylyk, Pedro

Tibial Angioplasty with 2D Perfusion Imaging . Pp. 535-537

Vaccarino, Guillermo; Gil, Christian; Desmeri, Pablo; Herrera Vega, Diego; Bustamante, Néstor; Guzmán, Marcelo

Uterine Leiomyomatosis Extending into Cardiac Chambers: Two Different Presentations . Pp. 537-539


Zolorsa, Sergio D.; Rizzone, Sebastian A.; Di Nanno, Daniel L.; Bordenave, Älvaro E.P.

Use of Angio-SealTM as Mechanical Suture in Patients Undergoing Transfemoral Coronary Angioplasty . Pp. 539-541


Benozzi, Silvia F.; Buffone, Ignacio; Lombán, Verónica Í.; Pennacchiotti, Graciela L.

Applicability of the New American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiovascular Risk Assessment, and its Implication on Statins in an Argentine Population . Pp. 541-543

Letters from our readers


Detection of vulnerable Plaque: An Incomplete Puzzle . Pp. 544-544



Prediction Models and the Growing Prevalence of Obesity . Pp. 544-545


Book reviews

Sarmiento, Ricardo

Handbook on Congenital Heart Disease in Children and Adults, de Raúl Ríos Méndez . Pp. 546-546

de Dios, Ana

Dr. Miguel Granja. Farewell to a brilliant professional and excellent friend . Pp. 547-548


Kreutzer, Eduardo; Trentacoste, Luis

Tribute to Miguel Granja . Pp. 548-548


Elizari, Marcelo

Dr. Pablo A. Chiale . Pp. 549-549


Trainini, Jorge

Adib Domingos Jatene . Pp. 550-550



SAC President´s Letter

Tajer, Carlos D.

Opening Speech of the 40th Argentine Congress of Cardiology . Pp. 551-552



RAC Director´s Letter

Doval, Hernán

Critical View of the Guidelines or Guidelines for a Critical View. A new scholastic dogma? . Pp. 553-560



Featured publications

Thierer, Jorge

Clinical Cardiologist Viewpoint . Pp. 561-567



Featured publications in Basic Sciences

Donato, Martín

The Role of Incretins in Diastolic Heart Failure Associated with Diabetes Mellitus . Pp. 568-568



Patient Information

Lewkowicz, Julio; Killinger, Carlos R.

Bicuspid Aortic Valve . Pp. 569-569





Acknowledgement . Pp. 570-570



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Index of contents 2014 . Pp. 571-573



Index of Authors - 2012


Index of Authors 2014 . Pp. 574-576



Videos in Cardiology

Ruíz, Aurora

Tilt Test

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