Vol 79, No 2 (2011)

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Trainini, Jorge





De Dios, Ana María

Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors in the Treatment of Hypertension . Pp. 103-105


Valtuille, Lucas S.

First Argentine Catheter Ablation Registry: Promising Results . Pp. 106-107


De Abreu, Maximiliano

Quality of Medical Care for Acute Myocardial Infarction. A First Step . Pp. 108-110



Original Articles

Bernztein, Ricardo G.; Drake, Ignacio

Enalapril Prescription to Women of Childbearing Age as Risk Factor for Congenital Defects in the Argentine Primary Care Level . Pp. 111-116

Gant López, José; Labadet, Carlos; Gonzalez, Jose Luis; Retyk, Enrique; Caceres Monie, Cesar; Garro, Hugo; Ceconi, Gustavo; Pastori, Luis; Kogan, Cesar; Di Tommaso, Fernando; Maid, Gustavo

First Argentine Catheter Ablation Registry . Pp. 117-124

Levin, Ricardo; Degrange, Marcela; Lezana, Facundo; Sobre, Marcos; Salvaggio, Flavio; Blanco, Norberto; Botbol, Alejandro; Balaguer, Jorge; Porcile, Rafael

Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of the Anomalous Origin of the Coronary Arteries . Pp. 125-131

Piombo, Alfredo; Rolandi, Florencia; Fitz Maurice, Mario; Salzberg, Simon; Strumminger, Marcelo; Zylbersztejn, Horacio; Rubio, Edgardo; Ulmete, Elizabet; Di Pietro, Pascual; Mitelman, Jorge

Registry of Quality of Medical Care for Acute Myocardial Infarction at Buenos Aires Public Hospitals . Pp. 132-138

Ingino, Carlos A.; Kura, Marta L.; Machado, Rogelio; Pulido, Juan; Archer, Marcela; Cherro, Alejandro; Vila, José; Rodriguez Granillo, Gastón; Lylyk, Pedro

Usefulness of the Presence and Type of Carotid Plaque to Predict Cardiovascular Events in High-Risk Patients . Pp. 139-147

Pieroni, Pablo; Allín, Jorge; Lowenstein, Diego; Perez, Gonzalo; Guardiani, Fernando; Mettini, Silvana; Trucco, Emilce; Fernandez, Agustin; Paz, Sebastian; Eleit, Guillermina

Current Status of Cardiology Residencies. 2009-2010 National Survey of Residents . Pp. 148-151

Brief Communications

Borracci, Raúl; Baldi (h), Julio; Doval, Hernán; Tajer, Carlos

Publish Together or Perish. Increase in Number of Authors per Article in the Revista Argentina de Cardiología between 1934 and 2009 . Pp. 152-155


Wassermann, Alfredo

Should We Give Up Hydrochlorothiazide as the Diuretic of Choice in Hypertension? . Pp. 156



Images in Cardiology

Munín, Martín; Raggio, Ignacio; Faella, Horacio

Multi-Fenestrated Atrial Septal Defect: Value of 3D Transesophageal Echocardiography for Diagnosis and Guidance in Percutaneous Closure . Pp. 157-163



Review Articles

Garcia Zamora, Sebastián; Parodi, Roberto

Cough and Angioedema in Patients Receiving Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors. Are They Always Attributable to Medication? . Pp. 164-166

Opinion Articles

Grancelli, Hugo

Cardiology Residencies in Argentina. Current Realities and Challenges . Pp. 167-178



Brief Reports

Hechavarria Pouymiro, Sheila; Marrero Mederos, Roberto; Valiente Mustelier, Juan; Cabrera, Francisco

Metastatic Cardiac Lymphoma . Pp. 179-181

Thal, Sergio; Thai, Hoang

Elevated Defibrillation Threshold: Are Defibrillation Vectors Important? . Pp. 182-185

Letters from our readers


Letters to the Editor . Pp. 186


RAC Director´s Letter

Tajer, Carlos

Is the Polypill Empty? Chronicle of an Illusion . Pp. 187-188



SAC President´s Letter

Barrero, Carlos

Regional Districts of the Sociedad Argentina de Cardiología . Pp. 189


Sánchez, Ramiro

Dr. Hugo P. Baglivo (1937-2011) . Pp. 190


Giniger, Alberto

Dr. Alberto Raúl Lapuente (1938-2011) . Pp. 191-196



Book reviews

Alday, Luis

Cardiointensivismo Pediátrico Fisiología y Decisiones . Pp. 197-198


Doval, Hernán

Recuperación Cardiovascular . Pp. 199-208



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