Vol 78, No 5 (2010)

Table of Contents


Berg, Gabriela

Vitamin E: A Current and Never Ending Issue . Pp. 391-392


Barretta, Jorge

Anomalous Origin of the Left Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery . Pp. 393-394


Masoli, Osvaldo

Clinical Usefulness of Cold Pressor Test in Patients with Risk Factors and Not Documented Coronary Artery Disease . Pp. 395-397


Sztejfman, Carlos

Psychosocial Stress and Low Resilience: a Risk Factor for Hypertension. Relations between Hypertension and Psychoanalysis . Pp. 398-399



Original Articles

Borracci, Raúl; Rubio, Miguel; Milani, Arnaldo; Ramirez, Felix; Barrero, Carlos; Rapallo, Carlos; Ingino, Carlos; Medrano, Juan

Transseptal Approach for Mitral Valve Replacement . Pp. 400-404

Llorens, Candelaria; Baez, Ma. del Carmen; Taran, Mariana; Campana, Vilma; Fonseca, Ismael; Oyola, Elsa; Palma, Jose; Moya, Monica

Antioxidant Role of Vitamin E in Atherogenesis Induced by Hyperfibrinogenemia . Pp. 405-410

Lugones, Ignacio; Kreutzer, Christian; Roman, Maria; Schlichter, Andres

Outcomes after Surgical Correction of Anomalous Origin of the Left Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery . Pp. 411-416

Pautasso, Enrique; Koretzky, Martin; Aiub, Jorge; Foye, Ricardo; Borrego, Carlos; De Cecco, Fabian; Marcon, Leopoldo; Boscaro, Marcelo; Panini, Julio; Lerman, Jorge

Is Cold Pressor Test Useful to Predict Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Not Documented Coronary Artery Disease? . Pp. 417-424

Costa de Robert, Sara; Barontini, Marta; Forcada, Pedro; Carrizo, Patricia; Almada, Lucas

Psychosocial Stress and Low Resilience: a Risk Factor for Hypertension . Pp. 425-431


Lowenstein, Jorge; Trivi, Marcelo

The Evaluation of Coronary Flow Reserve should be an Integral Part of Stress Echocardiography . Pp. 432-438



Images in Cardiology

Capello, Alberto

Lung Tumor Invading the Right Atrium . Pp. 439


Opinion Articles

Carmona Puerta, Raimundo

Thirteen Reasons not to Give up Using Quinidine and to Avoid its Withdrawal from the Market . Pp. 440-441



Brief Reports

Fernandez Pereira, Carlos; Curotto, Valeria; Rodriguez Pagani, Carlos; Renes, Maria; Rodriguez, Alfredo

Percutaneous Rheolytic Embolectomy for Massive Pulmonary Embolism . Pp. 442-444

Del Valle, Jorge; Salazar Gomez, Jose; Blasco Peiro, Teresa; Moreno Ambroj, Cristina; Blanco Gonzalez, Elisa; Legazcue Goñi, Ana; Galache Osuna, Jose; Asso Abadia, Antonio; Placer Peralta, Luis

Asymptomatic Coronary Artery Spasm and Severe Ventricular Arrhythmias . Pp. 445-448

Letters from our readers


Letters to the Editor . Pp. 449-456



SAC President´s Letter

Maisuls, Hector

New Considerations Regarding the Right Ventricle . Pp. 457-458



RAC Director´s Letter

Tajer, Carlos

Making Evidence-Based Medicine Debate Possible . Pp. 459-466



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