Vol 84, No 6 (2016)

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Zamorano Gómez, José Luis; Pascual Izco, Marina

Does the Conduct of Argentine Physicians Adjust to Clinical Guideline Recommendations for Statin Control of Cardiovascular Risk? . Pp. 533-534


Rudski, Lawrence; Grapsa, Julia

Challenging the Right Ventricle: The Ups and Downs and Ins and Outs of Strain . Pp. 535-537



Original Articles

Garagiola, Maria L.; Tarán, Mariana; Scribano, María P.; Balceda, Ariel; García, Emilia; Fonseca, Ismael; Moya, Monica; Baez, María C.

Myelo peroxidase as an Indicator of Oxidative Stress in Metabolic Syndrome . Pp. 538-542

Raggio, Ignacio M.; Munin, Martín; Spernanzoni, Fernando; Thierer, Jorge; Torres, Víctor; Martínez Ferro, Marcelo; Bellia Munzón, Gastón; Vallejos, Javier

Causes of Exercise Intolerance in Pectus Excavatum . Pp. 543-547

Gagliardi, Juan A.; Charask, Adrián; Perna, Eduardo; D'Imperio, Heraldo; Bono, Julio; Castillo Costa, Yanina; Cerezo, Gustavo; Tajer, Carlos D.

National Survey of ST-Segment Elevation Acute Myocardial Infarction in Argentina (ARGEN-IAM-ST) . Pp. 548-557

Rosende, Andres; Caniggia, Cristian; Casuscelli, Jorge; Mirada, Micaela; Comtesse, Daniel; Charask, Adrián; D´Imperio, Heraldo; Cámera, Luis; Valdez, Pascual; Tajer, Carlos

Approach on the Use of Statins in a Sample of Doctors from Argentina. The COFEMA Study . Pp. 558-564

Mora, Vicente; Roldán, Ildefonso; Saurí, Assumpció; Fernández-Galera, Rubén; Monteagudo, Marta; Romero, Elena; Cabadés, claudia; Cosín, Juan A.; Trainini, Jorge C.; Lowenstein, Jorge A.

Correspondence of Myocardial Strain with Torrent-Guasp’s Theory. Contributions of New Echocardiographic Parameters . Pp. 565-573

Sprokel, John J.; Alfaro, Laura; Cifuentes, Jennifer; Jimenez, Mónica; Baron, Rafael A.; Chaves, Walter G.

Prognostic Scores for Risk Stratification in Patients with Acute Heart Failure . Pp. 574-580

Del Castillo, José M.; de Albuquerque, Eugenio S.; Silveira, Carlos A. M.; Lamprea, Diana P.; Bandeira, Ängela P.; Méndes, Adriano A.; Rocal, Carlos G. P.; Pereira Jr., Clodoval B.; Da Silva, Michael V.

Right Ventricle: Echocardiographic Evaluation of Pressure and Volume Overload . Pp. 581-587

Brief Communications

Henestrosa, Germán; Antoni, Diego; Mendiz, Oscar

Percutaneous Melody™ Valve Implantation in Patients with Dysfunctional Right Ventricular Outflow Tract . Pp. 588-591

Images in Cardiology

Caroli, Christian; Yamán, Bettina; Yamán, Bettina

Inverted Takotsubo. Edema as an Expression of Endothelial Microvascular Dysfunction? . Pp. 592-592



Opinion Articles

Borracci, Raúl A.

The Value of Publishing Case Reports in the Era of Evidence-Based Medicine . Pp. 593-594



Special Article

Buzzi, Alfredo

Blood Circulation 400 Years after its Discovery . Pp. 595-600

Letters from our readers


The Stethoscope has Passed Away. Long Live Handheld Echocardiography! . Pp. 601-602



Scientific letters

Quiñones, José

Chronic Constrictive Pericarditis after Cardiac Surgery . Pp. 603-604


Domínguez Pace, María Paz

Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection: A Rare Cause of Cardiogenic Shock in Young Women . Pp. 604-606

Póveda Jaramillo, Ricardo

Cardiac Apical Pseudoaneurysm after Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) . Pp. 606-607


Villarreal, Ricardo; Zaidel, Ezequiel José; Cestari, Horacio Germán; Mele, Eduardo F; Sosa Liprandi, María Inés; Sosa Liprandi, Álvaro

Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease: Pilot Project . Pp. 607-609

Mautner, Branco

Dr. Bernardo Boskis . Pp. 610-610




Ubaldini, Jorge; Bilbao, Jorge

Consensus Statement on Chronic Thromboembolic Disease, Prophylaxis and Special Situations / Abridged Version . Pp. 611-631

SAC President´s Letter

Berrocal, Daniel

The Important and the Urgent . Pp. 632-632



RAC Director´s Letter

Borracci, Raúl

Fallibility of the Ethics Committees in Medical Research . Pp. 633-637



Featured publications

Thierer, Jorge

OUTSTANDING PUBLICATIONS. Clinical Cardiologist Viewpoint . Pp. 638-644



Featured publications in Basic Sciences

Donato, Martín

Gene Therapy to Treat Myocardial Infarction . Pp. 645-645



Patient Information

Fairman, Enrique

Decompensated or Acute Heart Failure . Pp. 646-646



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