Vol 86, No 6 (2018)

Table of Contents

Editorial board´s letter

Lowenstein, Jorge

Are Guidelines Useful in the World of Imaging? To Measure or Not To Measure, That Is the Question . Pp. 393-394




Rodriguez, L. Leonardo

Early Diagnosis of Cardiac Amyloidosis. A Step Forward . Pp. 395-395


Pérez de Isla, Leopoldo

Registries. A Very Useful Tool . Pp. 396-397



Original Articles

Riveros, Verena Franco; Buchholz, Bruno; Bernatené, Eduardo; Donato, Martín; Gelpi, Ricardo J.

Mimicking Preconditioning by Vagal Stimulation. Effects on Ventricular Function in a Chronic Experimental Model . Pp. 398-403

Carpeggiani, Clara; Ciampi, Quirino; Paterni, Marco; de Nes, Michele; Zagatina, Angela; Simova, Iana; Djordievic-Dikic, Ana; Citro, Rodolfo; Colonna, Paolo; Picano, Eugenio

Multi-step Web-based Training: the Road to Stress Echo 2020 . Pp. 404-409

Saad, Ariel; Arbucci, Rosina; Rousse, Graciela; Darú, Víctor; Merlo, Pablo; Romero, Elena; Roldán, Idelfonso; Mora, Vicente; Mora, Vicente; Lowenstein, Jorge

Two-dimensional Strain Echocardiography Differentiates Cardiac Amyloidosis from Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with Preserved Ejection Fraction . Pp. 410-416

Cintora, Federico; Funes, Diego; Gastaldello, Natalio; Ventrici, Javier F.; Marigo, Claudio M.; Sánchez, Javier; Carlessi, Adrián; Bagnati, Rodrigo; Baratta, Sergio; Makhoul, Silvia

Argentine Registry of Transesophageal Echocardiography . Pp. 417-422

Segovia, Araceli Beatriz; Killinger, Gisela Mabel; Garate, Laura; Salinas, Nina; Manente, Diego; Filipuzzi, Juan Manuel; Rodriguez Correa, Carlos Alberto

Echocardiographic Reference Values for Right-Sided Heart Chambers in a Healthy Population . Pp. 423-429

Brief Communications

Wolff, Sebastián; Picco, José; Wolff, David; Rodríguez, Manuel; Burgos, Claudio

Efficacy and Safety of Echocardiographic Guidance for Post-Transplant Endomyocardial Biopsy Sampling . Pp. 430-433

David, Michel; Tenorio Núñez, Osvaldo M.; Giorgini, Julio; Machaín, Alajandro

In-hospital Outcomes of Aortic Valve Replacement in Two Community Hospitals . Pp. 434-436

Review Articles

Evangelista, Arturo; Teixidó-Turá, Gisela; Granato, Chiara

Progress in the Diagnosis and Therapeutic Management of Genetic Aortic Disease . Pp. 437-444

Images in Cardiology

Ludueña Clos, Esteban; Torterolo Lozano, Bettiana; Romero, Romina

Senile Cardiac Amyloidosis: Magnetic Resonance Enhancement Atypical Pattern and Usefulness of Scintigraphy/SPECT . Pp. 445-445



Scientific letters

Castillo Costa, Yanina; Delfino, Flavio; Mauro, Víctor; Barsotti, Agostina; Saltos, Francisco; Barrero, Carlos

Thrombosis of a Structurally Healthy Aorta with Systemic Embolic Event . Pp. 446-447


Tenorio, Osvaldo; David, Michel; Gargiulo, José G.; Ludueña Clos, Esteban; Machaín, Héctor A.

Primary Undifferentiated Sarcomas of the Left Atrium and Right Ventricle . Pp. 448-450



SAC President´s Letter

Migliore, Ricardo

2018 Academic Ceremony Speech . Pp. 451-452



RAC Director´s Letter

Doval, Hernán

In the Era of Artificial Intelligence, What Will the Destiny of Doctors Be? . Pp. 453-455



Featured publications

Thierer, Jorge

Clinical Cardiologist Viewpoint . Pp. 456-463



Featured publications in Basic Sciences

Buchholz, Bruno

Autoimmunity in Heart Failure: Role of Antiadrenergic Autoantibodies . Pp. 464-464



Patient Information

Guetta, Javier; Lewkowicz, Julio M.

Aspirin in Primary Prevention. Is it Necessary? . Pp. 465-465



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Index of Authors 2018 . Pp. 469-471





Acknowledgement . Pp. 472-472



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