Vol 87, No 4 (2019)

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Grube, Eberhard; Sinning, Jan-Malte

State-of-the-art TAVI - how much minimalism is enough? . Pp. 259-260


Spampinato, Ricardo; Borger, Michael

Searching for the Best Strategy for Patients with Severe Aortic Stenosis . Pp. 261-263


Steyerberg, Ewout W.

Validation and updating of clinical prediction models: why and how? . Pp. 264-265



Original Articles

Chirino Navarta, Daniel Agustín; Trejo, Graciela; Leonardi, Mariela; Crudo, Claudia; Arias, Mirta; Tellechea, Francisco; Rodriguez Vazquez, María Luisa; Dizeo, Claudio

Association between Mean Platelet Volume and Resistance to Aspirin and P2Y12 Receptor Inhibitors in Elderly Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome . Pp. 266-272

Fava, Carlos; Gamboa, Paul; Caponi, Gaspar; Gómez, Carmen; Salmo, Fabián; Guevara, Eduardo; Fraguas, Hugo; Valdivieso, León; Lev, Gustavo; Méndiz, Oscar

Minimalist Approach for Percutaneous Aortic Valve Implantation . Pp. 273-279

Borracci, Raúl; Navia, Daniel O.; Kotowicz, Vadim; Machaín, Alejandro; Higa, Claudio C.

Single-arm Meta-analysis of Argentine Studies Reporting In-hospital Mortality After Aortic Valve Replacement in Low and Intermediate Risk Patients . Pp. 280-289

Nogues, Ignacio; Donato, María Sol; Gambarte, María Jimena; Ciambrone, Graciana María; Giorgini, Julio; Lowenstein, Diego; Carosella, Victorio; Nojek, Carlos; Higa, Claudio C.

Development and External Validation of a Predictive Score of Postoperative Mediastinitis in Cardiovascular Surgery Derived from the CONAREC XVI Multicenter Registry . Pp. 290-295

Lobianco, Mirta; Galli, Amanda; Swieskowski, Sandra; Kazelian, Lucía; Pages, Marisa; Lapresa, Susana; Gimeno, Graciela; Duronto, Ernesto; Kevorkian, Rubén; Grancelli, Hugo

2010-2017 Evaluation and Accreditation of Cardiology Residencies . Pp. 296-300

Mangariello, Brenda N.; Gitelman, Patricia C.

Validation of GRACE score (Global Registry of Acute Coronary Events) as a predictor of in hospital mortality in acute coronary syndromes in Buenos Aires . Pp. 301-308

Brief Communications

Lucas, Luciano; Marenchino, Ricardo; Belziti, César; Gómez, Luis; Pizarro, Rodolfo; Cagide, Arturo

Heart Transplantation in Adult Patients with Congenital Heart Disease . Pp. 309-313

Llempén Ibañez, Eduardo; López, Ramón R.; Palavecino, Juan A.; Amicone, Nancy C.

Evaluation of Strategies to Reduce Reperfusion Times in ST-Segment Elevation Acute Myocardial Infarction. Mobile Health Experience (mHealth) . Pp. 314-318

Images in Cardiology

Levin, Ricardo; Vaca Valverde, Ignacio; Porcile, Rafael

Percutaneous Removal of Knotted Swan-Ganz Catheter . Pp. 319-319



Scientific letters

Blanco, Federico; Blanco, Rodrigo; Bonet, Mauricio; Iralde, Gustavo; Campeni, Mariano; García Escudero, Alejandro

Experience with Percutaneous Aortic Valve Implantation in Patients with Severe Aortic Stenosis at High Surgical Risk in a Rural Community . Pp. 320-322

Torres Cerino, María Verónica; Bizantino, Guillermo; Rodríguez, Marcelo Rodrigo; Fernández, Horacio; Bilbao, Jorge; Santucci, José

Intoxication with Psychotropic Drugs and Indication for ECMO . Pp. 322-324


Blacio Vidal, Willie; Molina Araujo, Diana M.

Neonatal Aortic Coarctation . Pp. 324-325


Alessandrini, Romina; Calfunao, Daniel; Castro, César; Espinosa, Marcelo; Barbosa, Fernando; Schinchirimini, María Marta

Gonococcal Endocarditis: A Rare Complication of an Emerging Disease . Pp. 325-327



Letters from our readers


Ventricular Aneurysms in Chagas Heart Disease . Pp. 328-329



SAC President´s Letter

Salvati, Ana

What does the SAC do for us? . Pp. 330-330



RAC Director´s Letter

Doval, Hernán C.

Trust Is Needed to Interact with Patients and with Other Physicians . Pp. 331-334



Featured publications

Thierer, Jorge

Outstanding publications. Clinical Cardiologist Viewpoint . Pp. 335-343


Featured publications in Basic Sciences

Buchholz, Bruno

Microvascular Injury by High Sodium Intake in Normotensive Patients. Role of Nitric Oxide and Oxidative Stress . Pp. 344-344



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