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Bio statement What are plastic mold injections? A manufacturing company melts down plastic and place it into a mold. Once the plastic is in the mold cavity, it takes the shape of the object you desire. For example, there is a plastic mold for bottles, plates, etc. However, most molds are used for more complex design like a mannequin or toothbrush handle. The mold process creates stronger and more durable products than prior processes. It is also a more efficient process that causes little waste. The Plastic Mold Today Today, companies are willing to take on orders that are large in quantity and short on time. They use small and large machines to provide state of the art plastic injection molds. The injection molding process is not limited to one material. Companies use thermoplastics, thermosetting polymers, metals and glass to help make moldings. A computer is used to assist skilled machine operators and their quality assurance team in the precision of every plastic mold. injection mold

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