Colobosauroides cearensis Cunha, Lima-Verde and Lima, 1991 (Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae:): new record for the northeast of Brazil

Aldenir Ferreira da Silva Neta, Tatiana Feitosa Quirino, Cícera Silvilene Leite Matias


The individual of C. cearensis were found in a Caatinga region in the municipality of Mauriti (7°22’46.08”S; 38°38’47.87”O) state of Ceará. The first exemplary was captured on 14th of December through  pitfall method. The area in which the species were captured is located within the drainage basin of Salgado river, with biome Caatinga prevailing alongside its extension, and the vegetation composed by Deciduous Thorn Woodland and semi-deciduous Tropical Rainforest (IPECE, 2015). Collected by A.F. Silva-Neta and C.S.L. Matias. They are deposited in the Universidade do Cariri herpetology collection, categorized by numbers (URCA-H 11.454-11.459-11.464-11.467-11468-11.472-11.476).

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