Nomenclature and taxonomic status of the lizards listed by Philippi (1860) (Squamata: Liolaemidae, Teiidae and Tropiduridae)

Jaime Troncoso Palacios, Yery Marambio Alfaro


In 1860 Rudolph Amandus [Rodolfo Amando] Philippi published the book “Reise durch die Wueste Atacama auf Befehl der chilenischen Regierung im Sommer 1853–54”, a wonderful naturalist book, which was for a long time the most comprehensive source of geographic, cultural, botanic and zoological information on the Atacama Desert of Chile (currently Atacama and Antofagasta regions). In this book, Philippi lists several species of lizards, and described five new species. However, some of these names have been discussed  controversial in the past and their correct application has been not yet totally clarified. Here we provide comments on these species and show that not all of Philippi`s (1860) type specimens were collected in Atacama Desert as is currently thought. We designate lectotypes for Proctotretus pallidus and P. melanopleurus; and confirm that P. modestus is a junior synonym of L. bellii and that P. pallidus is a junior synonym of L. nigromaculatus. In the case of P. marmoratus, since it is a secondary homonym of L. marmoratus Gravenhorst, 1838, we consider it an invalid name.

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