Actualización taxonómica y avance en el conocimiento de Liolaemus Wiegmann 1834 (Iguania: Liolaemidae) en el Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia

Alvaro Juan Aguilar Kirigin, James Aparicio, Robert Langstroth, Pablo Valladares Faundez, Cristian Simón Abdala


Liolaemus represents the most diverse group of saurians in South America. The species ofthis genus, inhabit different ecosystems characterized by their endemism, whose taxonomicknowledge increased from 1837 to date, mainly in Argentina and Chile, while in the PlurinationalState of Bolivia (Bolivia) the taxonomic and phylogenetic knowledge of the genus began to haverelevance from 2002 to date, properly guiding the real wealth that the country has. However, inBolivia, studies of population density, diet and reproduction began to be reported in the 1980s,studies of potential distribution began in 2007 and those related to thermal ecology began in2015. There is no doubt that taxonomic studies are strengthening the knowledge of the genusin Bolivia, which allows a precise understanding of the areas of endemism, important for biogeographicanalysis or modeling studies of potential distribution of species, thus prioritizingtheir conservation status. The lack of a comparative and taxonomic review of the specimensdeposited in scientific collections and the lack of information in areas where no prospectingwas carried out throughout the distribution of the genus in Bolivia, prolonged for a long timethe description of species that are waiting to be formally reported to the scientific communityand society, and then face studies in different disciplines. This work presents an update of thegenus Liolaemus richness in Bolivia, emphasizing the main works and advances in the lasteighteen years.

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