Comentarios y adiciones sobre especies recientemente descritas del grupo Liolaemus montanus procedentes de Perú

César Aguilar-Puntriano, Esther B. Salazar


In this paper, information is added and comments are made about two recently describedPeruvian species of Liolaemus from the montanus group: L. balagueri and L. qalaywa. WhenL. balagueri was described, differences from L. nazca was based on a phylogenetic analysis of asingle mitochondrial locus, but without including phenotypic diagnostic traits that might differentiatedthem. On the other hand, L. qalaywa description was based upon specimens fromApurimac department and intraspecific variation in meristic traits were missing. In this study,we added a molecular and morphological analyses between L. balagueri and L. nazca, supportingmore rigorously the separation between these two taxa. In addition, the geographic rangeof L. qalaywa is extended to Cusco department (southwestern Peru), intraspecific variation ofmorphological characteristics and geographic information up to 79 specimens are included,and the conservation issues of this species is commented.

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