Una nueva especie de lagartija del género Liolaemus (Iguania: Liolaemidae) endémica de la Puna del sur de Perú

Luis P. Arapa-Aquino, Cristian S. Abdala, Ling Huamaní-Valderrama, Roberto C. Gutiérrez, José A. Cerdeña, Aarón J. Quiroz, Juan C. Chaparro


The Andes of southern Peru contain a biodiversity with high degree of endemism due to itspeculiar geography and bioclimate. In this work a new endemic species of the genus Liolaemusis described which would be restricted to an altitude between 3870–4100 m s.n.m., in theSalado river basin of the district and province of Espinar, department of Cusco. This speciesis characterized by the unique combination of morphological characters and the color patternthat distinguish it from the rest of the species of the genus Liolaemus, mainly within of L. ortiziclade of the L. montanus group, where the new species is located according to our phylogenetichypothesis based on morphological evidence presented in this study.

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