The identities of Liolaemus signifer (Duméril & Bibron 1837), L. pantherinus Pellegrin 1909, L. schmidti (Marx 1960), and L. erroneus (Núñez & Yáñez 1984 “1983-1984”) (Squamata: Liolaemidae)

Roberto Langstroth Plotkin


Based on detailed examination of the literature, visits to collections and the field, correspondencewith specialists and curators, study of detailed photography of living and preserved specimens,and statistical analysis of meristic data, I propose a number of taxonomic and nomenclaturalchanges for species of the Liolaemus montanus group from the Andes of Bolivia, southern Peru,northern Chile and northwestern Argentina. Liolaemus signifer (Duméril & Bibron 1837) is designateda nomen dubium and Liolaemus multiformis (Cope 1875) and Liolaemus lenzi Boettger1891 are revalidated. Liolaemus variabilis Pellegrin 1909 and Liolaemus bolivianus Pellegrin1909 are placed in the synonymy of L. lenzi. Liolaemus pleopholis Laurent 1998 is considereda species inquirenda allied with L. lenzi. Liolaemus annectens Boulenger 1901 is considered avalid species and Liolaemus tropidonotus Boulenger 1902 is considered a junior synonym of L.multiformis. Liolaemus pantherinus Pellegrin 1909 is recognized as a valid species that includesL. annectens orientalis Müller 1924 and L. multiformis simonsii—Burt & Burt 1931 are includedin its synonymy. Liolaemus islugensis Ortiz & Marquet 1987 is removed from the synonymy ofL. pantherinus and is placed in the synonymy of L. schmidti (Marx 1960). Liolaemus erguetaeLaurent 1995 and L. molinai Valladares et al. 2002 are placed in the synonymy of L. erroneus(Núñez & Yáñez 1984 “1983–1994”).

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