Primeros registros de la herpetofauna en dos areas naturales protegidas de la provincia de Santiago del Estero (Argentina)

Juan Manuel Pérez-Iglesias, Laura E. Jofré, Marta Patricia Rueda


Dry Chaco ecoregion is one of the largest remnants of dry forest in Latin America and has a very diverse herpetofauna. However, further studies are required for deep knowledge of its composition and complexity. Our objective in this study was performing an inventory of the herpetofauna in two Natural Areas of Dry Chaco, Santiago del Estero: Caburé Sur and Parque Provincial Copo. The herpetofauna inventory was performed by visual, photographic, and auditory registers. In two protected areas were recorded 21 and 25 species of anurans and reptiles, respectively. According to last Argentinian Herpetological Categorization were found one threatened and five vulnerable species of reptiles. This first inventory revealed that herpetofauna of two protected areas of Santiago del Estero contains about 60% of Dry Chaco herpetofauna. Finally, we provide new information for future research and conservation actions on this ecoregion that currently are severely modified by the expansion of agricultural frontier.

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