Some physiological effects of acetamiprid on two cultivars of corn plants

B Unal turkylmaz, A Esiz Dereboylu


The aim of the study was to investigate some physiological effects of an insecticide (Akira 20-SP) with acetamiprid agent on Cin misir Adapop 10 and Sert misir Adapop 2 cultivars of corn plants in different concentrations [0 g/L, 0.6 g/L (recommended concentration), 1.2 g/L]. Photosynthetic pigment substances, total soluble protein and proline contents were determined. Analysis of treated leaves showed that the recommended concentration resulted in higher chlorophyll value in Cin misir Adapop 10 and Sert misir Adapop 2. Carotenoid amounts increased in Cin misir Adapop 10 and decreased in Sert misir Adapop 2 to the control. Total protein contents decreased in x2 recommended concentration in Cin misir Adapop 10 and in all treatment groups in Sert misir Adapop 2 and proline amounts significantly increased in proportion to the increasing concentration in both cultivars. Especially high concentrations of acetamiprid affect plant metabolism of both cultivars negatively.

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