Echocardiographic Reference Values for Right-Sided Heart Chambers in a Healthy Population

Araceli Beatriz Segovia, Gisela Mabel Killinger, Laura Garate, Nina Salinas, Diego Manente, Juan Manuel Filipuzzi, Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Correa


Background: The evaluation of right-sided heart chambers is extremely important for the diagnosis and prognosis of differentconditions. However, there is little information in the bibliography about the reference values of the right-sided heartchambers dimensions and right ventricular function.Objective: The aim of this study was to establish the reference values of the right-sided heart chambers, to identify the differencesassociated with sex and anthropometric variables and to evaluate the interobserver and intraobserver variability indetermining these values.Methods: The study included healthy men and women ≥16 years. Strict exclusion criteria were applied. A subgroup of 40people underwent multiple measurements of the right-sided heart chambers and interobserver and intraobserver variabilitywas estimated.Results: A total of 438 persons were included; 55.2% (n=242) were men. Mean age was 34±9 years. There were significantdifferences in the variables analyzed between men and women that persisted after they were indexed to body surface area.Interobserver concordance (ICC>0.75) was excellent in 50% of the variables evaluated, fair to good (ICC 0.4 to 0.75) in 47.4%and poor (ICC<0.4) in 2.6%. Intraobserver concordance was excellent in 54.8% of the variables, fair to good in 42.8% andpoor in 2.4%.Conclusion: The reference values for the evaluation of right-sided heart chambers are presented. The differences observedbetween sexes and related to body surface area emphasize the need for discriminating according to these parameters in dailypractice. Interobserver and intraobserver concordance was excellent to good in most of the variables analyzed.

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