Usefulness of the Echocardiographic Calcium Score as Predictive Tool for Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease

Bruno J. Michelli, Suyai L. Bellandi, Federico G. Brachetta, Karen Knott, Karen J. Ferreyra, Antonio J. Alvez


Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the predictive value of the echocardiographic calcium score (ECS).Methods: Ninety-six patients with coronary angiography indication were enrolled in the study: 20 with non-ST-segmentelevation acute coronary syndrome, 15 with chronic angina, 31 with ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndrome and 30asymptomatic patients. After echocardiography with ECS and correlation with coronary artery disease, patients were classifiedinto 2 groups according to ECS ≤1 or ECS ≥2.Results: Among the total number of patients, 23 patients without lesions had ECS: 0.61 and 73 with lesions had ECS: 2.63.In patients presenting lesions, 16 had single lesion with ECS: 1.68 and 57 multiple lesions with ECS: 2.87. In the 23 patientswithout lesions, 20 had ECS ≤1 and 3 ECS ≥2, and among the 73 patients with lesions, 13 had ECS ≤1 and 60 ECS ≥2. Thus,ECS ≥2 presented a higher frequency of coronary artery disease vs. ECS ≤1 (p <0.05), with 82.2% sensitivity, 87% specificity,95.2% positive predictive value and 60.6% negative predictive value. In single vs. multiple lesions, 9 out of 16 patientswith single lesion had ECS ≥2 and 51 out of 57 patients with multiple lesions had ECS ≥2, with 89.5% sensitivity and 43.8%specificity to identify multi-vessel disease, and 85% positive predictive value and 53.8% negative predictive value.Conclusions: The ECS would have good positive predictive value to assess coronary artery disease.


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