Long-Term Survival of Multivessel Coronary Surgery Bypass Grafting up to 20 Years of Follow-Up

Michel David, José M. Álvarez Gallesio, Fedor Novo, Claudio Higa, Raúl A. Borracci


Background: The outcomes of long-term follow-up constitute one of the best parameters to assess the quality of a medical intervention.Objectives: The aim of this study was to analyze the overall and free-of-cardiovascular events 20-year survival after coronary arterybypass grafting (CABG) in a community hospital with long-standing electronic medical records.Methods: The results of CABG in patients with multivessel or left main coronary artery disease between 1999 and 2003 were retrospectivelystudied in a community hospital. Follow-up to 20 years was carried out through the electronic medical records.Results: A mean follow-up of 125 months (range: 6-268) was achieved in 254 (93.4%) out of 272 operated patients in that period. Theaverage number of bypasses was 3.3 (standard deviation: 0.97); in 97.6% of cases at least one internal mammary artery was used andin 59.4% a radial artery graft. Follow-up of 2,646 patient-years was obtained with an annual risk of all-cause death of 2.5%. Overallsurvival at mean follow-up was 0.806 [standard error (SE) 0.03], and cardiovascular event-free survival was 0.826 (SE: 0.03).Conclusions: Complete electronic registry of affiliates to a community hospital operated more than 15 years ago allowed us to analyzeoverall and event-free long-term survival. These results will serve as a standard when choosing between surgery and multivesselangioplasty.


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