Left Ventricular Mass in Healthy Subjects of the City of Buenos Aires and its Correlation with Anthropometric Measurements

Araceli Segovia, Laura Brandani, Gisela Killinger, Leandro Zonis, Marcelo Risk, Julieta Paolini, Máximo Santos, Carlos Rodriguez Correa


Left ventricular hypertrophy is a risk predictor of cardiovascular events. The objectivesof this study were to establish reference values for left ventricular mass in anapparently healthy population of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, to analyzeits correlation with age and anthropometric variables and to define the best way toexpress the assessed data. Left ventricular mass was estimated using internationallysupported echocardiographic methods (American Society of Echocardiography/European Association of Echocardiography) and the adjusted Devereux equation.After applying strict exclusion criteria, 1898 subjects with mean age of 38 ± 11 years,48.89% of whom were male and 51.1% were female, were included in the study. Leftventricular mass was 155 ± 30 g for men (95th percentile 206 g) with normal distribution,and 112 ± 24 g for women (95th percentile 153 g) with non-normal distribution(p < 0.001 between genders). Values were comparable to those reported instudies using a similar methodology. Left ventricular mass index showed a moderatecorrelation with body surface area and weight, and significant differences betweengenders. As calculated variables exhibited heterogeneity in data distribution (normalor non-normal), the 95th percentile was assumed as the best way of expressingreference values. In conclusion, estimated reference values of left ventricular massin a healthy population correlated moderately with body surface area and weight.We propose the use of the 95th percentile to express the upper reference value of theassessed data.



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