Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Evaluation of Non-Compaction Cardiomyopathy in Patients with or without Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction

Alejandro Deviggiano, Patricia Carrascosa, Carlos Capuñay, Hector Deschle, Julio M. Lewkowicz, Carlos Tajer, Alejandro Stewart Harris



Non-compaction cardiomyopathy (NCC) is a genetic

disorder characterized by deep trabeculations in the

ventricular wall, which define recesses communicating

with the main ventricular chamber. The prevalence of

NCC is greater in symptomatic populations with left

ventricular dysfunction; yet, it may also be detected

in asymptomatic patients with normal left ventricular

function using novel diagnostic tools. However, this

condition is under-diagnosed due to a low index of

clinical suspicion and to the use of echocardiography

classifications based on different diagnostic criteria.

The use of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMRI)

has established two diagnostic criteria that clearly

recognize this disease.


To evaluate the clinical and morphological characteristics

of patients with NCC with and without systolic dysfunction

undergoing cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMRI).

Material and Methods

A total of 20 patients with NCC were retrospectively included.

The following parameters were determined: left ventricular

end-diastolic volume (LVEDV), left ventricular end-systolic

volume (LVESV); left ventricular end-diastolic diameter

(LVEDD); left ventricular end-systolic diameter (LVESD);

cardiac mass and left ventricular trabeculations. The distribution

of NC myocardium was evaluated according to the model

of 17 myocardial segments.


Mean myocardial thickness was 13.1±3.3 mm and 3.6±0.6

mm in NC versus normal myocardium, respectively. Patients

with left ventricular dysfunction presented increased LVEDD,

LVEDV, total cardiac mass, and LV non-compaction and

trabeculations. We found a positive correlation and a linear

relationship between LVEDD and TLVM (g/m




We found that NCC can present either as a subtle condition

with normal systolic function or as a dilated cardiomyopathy

associated with ventricular dysfunction.

): r=0.76;


r²=0.59; p<0.001.


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